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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Armatures & Sculpting

Nyack ‘Saints & Razors’

A brief post to demonstrate the importance of using an armature when sculpting.

All this means is creating a wire structure, to which you then add sculpting material (in this case greenstuff) – lengths of wire were cut, then super-glued into place:


Very basic here; but it proves vital. On the one hand, it improves the adhesion of putty to flat surfaces; on the other, it provides a skeletal framework to guide you:

You can see where the armature was placed; and how layers of kneadatite were grafted on.

Easy, eh?


Chaos Tank (Dry Fit)

Edward’s Hand ‘Banjo Pier’

Welcome aboard.

A dry fit of the sculpting I’ve been working on over the last fortnight:

My sculpture skills are obviously rubbish – but you do develop a bug for it.

Grey Seer Thanquol & Boneripper (Classic)

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth ‘In the House’

The old Boneripper model is still pretty cool. Rocks made with kneadatite. The green sword was an early experiment with glazing.  

Skaven Grey Seer

Valis ‘Head Full Of Pills’

One of the first miniatures I painted after a lengthy absence from the hobby. A bit duff – but we all have to start somewhere.

Screaming Bell

Tsunami ‘Kidding On The Square’

This is the old Screaming Bell. It was probably the most challenging miniature I’d painted at the time of finishing it. It was also my first attempt at object source lighting, and painting verdigris.

The black wood was drybrushed repeatedly. Very tricky.

Celestial Wizard

Scott Walker ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’

Some pictures of the Celestial Wizard I painted during February 2011:






I tried to put a bit of graining into the cloak’s interior – painting thin lines of light grey over the pattern.


The telescope was made with bits from the Empire Steam Tank, a Cadian mortar, and lots of patience.


The blue colours haven’t come out too well here; but the patterning was created through stippling and glazing repeatedly.