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Omaha Bitch ‘Orgasmic Troopers’

Finally finished the Chaos tank – a month over schedule (photos are as useless as usual, but there we go):


The blood effect was made with Tamiya red acrylic, and epoxy glue – stretched with a cocktail stick. Honestly – this overall model was such a pain to make and paint, I don’t think I would do anything similar ever again. But it certainly improved my skills, and my confidence at tackling complex projects.

Made using: Rhino tank, hormagaunt talons, Chaos Spawn bits, some parts from the Corpse Cart, thick guitar wire, and lots of greenstuff/milliput.


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  1. Wow, this thing is just sick and twisted. Love it!! Seriously some really good sculpting here

  2. Yikes – that is terrifying! Delightfully disgusting, fantastic work!

  3. That is terrifying. Well done! Seriously twisted…

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  5. Now that’s happens to a tank when you park it in the Warp for 10,000 years. Very nice (if also rather weird!) work, I’d reckon that’s well worth the effort you say it took.

    • “I’d reckon that’s well worth the effort you say it took.”

      No, definitely not. Never again. It dragged on for months. I changed the way I approach things after that.

      • Well I’d be proud of it if I were you :-) I might even try something similar inside the hull of my Chaos Knight Titan (although undoubtedly I’ll end up tearing my hair out and wondering why I didn’t listen to you in the first place!)

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