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Monthly Archives: October 2012

The world’s most revolting cakes – in pictures

‘Maggot Therapy On Diabetic Ulcer’ cupcake, as featured in The Guardian. Eat Your Heart Out is a bakesale with a twist: revoltingly wonderful cakes, helping to raise awareness of medical problems. For more delightful weirdery, see the EvilCakeHead site, replete with lung cancer cookies, and STD buns.

Chaos Army

Tripping Daisy ‘Prick’

I painted these up to be one army – unfortunately, due to my rubbishness at photography, I couldn’t get them photographed together. But here they are as indivdual units:


The basic technique for the metallics was to go from dark to light, then shade-down with very thin ink washes (three different colours: Gryphonne Sepia, Devlan Mud, and Black – about four layers of each).



Ikit Claw

Ken ‘I Want To Be The King Of Jesus’

For an old-school miniature, an old-school banner – made out of waterproof sketch paper and acrylics:

Not as exciting as the newest version, but still a classic.

Nothing’s New

Courtesy of Retronaut, a Steampunk artificial hand – from the 16th Century:

Creepy, macabre, and gross – but still pretty cool.

Random Inspiration

Website of May Ann Licudine: a Filipino artist, who is mute and deaf – a gallery full of astonishingly wonderful illustrations. She also has a blog here.

Dissected Mr Peanut.

Artwork for every single computer game on the Sega master System.

Gallery of Russian fairy-tale illustrations.

Vandalog – street art of all kinds.

Super-Intelligent Ape Chauffeurs by the Year 2020.

This land is my land: animated – and funny – history of the middle east.

Chaos Lord – Working With Finecast

A lot has been written about the problems of Finecast – I don’t intend to repeat them here; just to demonstrate that it’s easy enough to set right.

I bought this second hand:

This is a pricey model, and I guess the seller I bought this from wanted to sell it because they were gutted at the poor quality. It’s actually really easy to put right – just soak the model in fresh-boiled water for 20-30 seconds, and the resin becomes soft and pliable. Shape it as you want – and leave it to cool for half a minute. You can do this as many times as you need to (a pair of rubber gloves is a good idea – I have asbestos hands from playing guitar).

Much, much easier to fix than any other material, I reckon:

There were a few areas that needed greenstuffing, but personally, I really enjoyed painting this.