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Chaos Lord – Working With Finecast

A lot has been written about the problems of Finecast – I don’t intend to repeat them here; just to demonstrate that it’s easy enough to set right.

I bought this second hand:

This is a pricey model, and I guess the seller I bought this from wanted to sell it because they were gutted at the poor quality. It’s actually really easy to put right – just soak the model in fresh-boiled water for 20-30 seconds, and the resin becomes soft and pliable. Shape it as you want – and leave it to cool for half a minute. You can do this as many times as you need to (a pair of rubber gloves is a good idea – I have asbestos hands from playing guitar).

Much, much easier to fix than any other material, I reckon:

There were a few areas that needed greenstuffing, but personally, I really enjoyed painting this.


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