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Chaos Space Marine Bikers


I made these back in 2011, but didn’t have the confidence to paint them. In the time between, a few kits were released that made it possible to add a completely different aspect to some of the bikes. I’m not sure what was more difficult – painting all the fiddly bits & bobs, or attaching the riders to the vehicles.

006Bits used: chaos knight shield/axe, parts from the Cygor set, Space Wolves thunder hammer handle, chaos terminator arm, chaos warrior helmet.



027Parts used: chaos knight helmet, chaos space marine power fist, chain sword, horns from the Cygor set, Chaos Possessed hand-claw-thingy and backpack. Also, rhinestones as rivets.



Parts used: Chaos terminator lord weapon, Ork chain-choppa, chaos knight helmet, old Chaos warrior arm.

035037Bits from the Chaos spawn set, and some Tyranid parts. Double Chainaxe made from pinning two together (total pain).


Parts from the Empire Battle Wizards set, chaos knights/terminator lord, and a daemonette head.

The bases were made from tree bark, miliput, bicarbonate of soda, and pigments. The blood effect was epoxy glue + Tamiya red paint, along with a bit of black ink. Unfortunately, I can’t provide better photos – because I knocked my daylight lamp over, and broke it – and I can’t afford to replace it.

Questions, criticism, death threats etc. welcome, as always.


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  1. These guys look fantastic! They are so very characterful. My favorite is the guy with the double chainaxe. What did you use to pin the axe together? A paperclip? Do you glue the pin in or just the plastic pieces together with the pin inserted in both?

    • Hi – I can’t remember for certain, it was a long time ago when I made these; but I think it was just 1mm craft wire. It tends to be sold in rolls, from discount art stores (e.g. The Works, but there will be some on Ebay). You can see the type of wire here:

      Normally, I tend to vary pinning methods to suit the models – so, using 1.5mm wire/brass rod for larger metal components, for instance. But for small plastic pieces, I usually just cut a small piece of wire, and superglue it into place. If it needs a bit more strength, before putting the superglue on, I would add some dots of plastic glue along the length of the plastic part. Hope that’s helpful.


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