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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Ka-blam! Honour Roll…

Felt ‘Birdmen’

This that and the other from recent days. Autumn is fast approaching – hedgerows are glistening with fruity ripeness, leaves are turning crimson and golden….


Painting Tips and Techniques with ex-eavy metaller Andy Craig: Realm of Chaos – featuring Titillating Pink.

Making a super-cheap paint-rack: 17 Y/O Hobbyist.

Step-by-step guide to painting/modelling a great dragon: Volomir’s Blog

Follow the Leaders: Isaac Cordal.


Amazing photogallery of Iceland’s landscape wonders.

Intricate Hand-Cut Paper Sculptures Which Mimic Patterns Found in Nature.

Mussolini’s headquarters in Rome.

Incentive posters from the 1920’s.


Otter City by Caleb Brown.

Miniature scenes by Thomas Doyle.