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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Work In (Slow) Progress – Empire General

Sonic Youth ‘Star Power’

I began this well before Christmas, mainly as a break from painting other things – but also because I was determined to get to grips with non-metallic metals as a technique:


I’ve found the non-metallic method of painting frustrating to master – previous attempts have always proven pretty duff, really (see my version of Saint Celestine, for instance).


It’s taken much longer than it probably should have precisely because I ended up re-doing so many areas in order to get a result that was close to what it should be.

Some useful odds and ends:

Making water bases (Arcane Paintworks)

A visit to the Pokemon museum (Raumschmiede)

Photos of the Polar vortex in Chicago (This is colossal)

Paper silhouette dioramas (Loftwork)