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Bodines ‘Scar Tissue’

I finished the Empire General quite a while ago, but decided to take a break from painting for a few weeks – working and re-working the metallic effect got a bit gruelling, and a change is as good as a rest.


I decided last year to work on a small Empire Wizard project, so that’s what I’ve been doing during the last few weeks. Projects help to break up the strange and bleak mid-winter days.

Some shots of work in progress:


Obviously, I prefer to work in squalor wherever possible. Some of the figures were based on the conversions the ‘Eavy Metal Team undertook for their ‘Wizards Challenge’ in White Dwarf 355, a few years back:



I wanted to take the celestial wizard in a slightly different direction though – mainly because I’ve painted two similar versions previously, and didn’t fancy repeating it for a third time:



The Jade Wizard is the only one that I’ve painted so far:


More to follow.


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