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Daylight ‘Life In A Jar’

These are my old Chaos Space Marine figures – some are current range, but most were ones I bought back in the mid-nineties:



I’ve had these in storage since I was about 15 or so, when I lost interest in wargames (I’m currently 32). Other than the biker squadron, all of the painted miniatures were finished back when I was a kid.

I was going to sell these on, because it’s such a waste to let them gather dust, when somebody could be making good use of them. So, I got them primed up and cleaned down…and then the bug got me. Some of these are models which are truly antique now, and I’ll probably never get the chance to paint again. So, that’s my current project. A break from the small mordheim-themed army I was working on; which was a break from the Empire Wizards (which was a hiatus from a celestial diorama).





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