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Chaos Dreadnought – Work In Progress

The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea

This is the old chaos dreadnought, released back in the mid-’90’s. A lot of people dislike this model, but I like the archaic, clunky gothicism.

Large models are best planned-out before painting, and tackled in sections – otherwise they can turn into an interminable slog. Currently, I’m in the process of painting the metallic areas:



You can see what a difference weathering makes, adding a sense of age, depth, and more subtle tinctures:


Both the gold panels in the foreground, and in the background, were painted with the same bright gold colour – but washes of brown, purple, and black make all the difference, I reckon. Normally, I try to achieve the glazed colouration in seamless layers – but I thought I’d vary the techniques, using stippling as well as layering in order to add a kind of textured effect:





Normally, I wouldn’t weather metals quite so heavily – but I think the textured, grimey effect is really evocative.





Painting red here was done using the same method as on the Khorne Terminator.


Some useful odds and ends from around t’net:

Massive Voodoo’s handy tutorial on making simple gaming bases.

LesKouzes’ really unOrky and pretty Carbonizator.

Hope River’s tutorial on painting freehand space designs.

The Illustrated Adventures of Two Space Age Boys and Their Graffiti Cat.

Walter Potter’s Curious Victorian Taxidermy.




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