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Finished Dreadnought

Gin Blossoms ‘Found Out About You’

I finished this about a week ago:



It wasn’t too difficult painting this – it was just extremely time-consuming. But, once finished I started work on a Chaos Rhino. This was bought second-hand from Ebay:



Obviously, this was not in great condition; and personally, I would recommend that people buying old models on Ebay weigh-up whether or not they will really save money doing this. I was planning to include this with the old chaos space marine army I’m working on, and was hoping to undertake a more challenging conversion project than usual – thankfully I already had an abundance of plasticard/bitz. I think if you didn’t, it would cost more to repair a model in this condition than it would to buy a new version. That’s problem one.

Problem two was stripping-down the model:



First, taking the chassis apart – without breaking the model in the process. Then removing the original owner’s add-ons:


Removing the paint was where it got messy – leaving the model to soak overnight in Dettol. This liquifies acrylic and turns it into something resembling vandal grease, which can only be removed with bleach. I had misgivings at this point, I have to admit. The old Daemon tank I made a couple of years ago was a really awful project to work on, and I didn’t want to get bogged down in another experience like that one.

Fortunately, once the model was finally cleared and cleaned, it proved pretty quick, and relatively easy, to fix. I’ll write this process up later. Hopefully it may be of use to younger or more inexperienced modellers.




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