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Chaos Tank – W.I.P (Part 2)

I used masking fluid to create areas of damage on the tank’s armour plates. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s basically just a fluid which is splotched-on, left to dry, then painted over. Afterwards, you remove the dried fluid. So, first stage: 


Second stage: 


Third stage: 


With this stuff, the cardinal rule to follow is that less is more. I kind of didn’t. You can see that the battle-damage effect was way over the top:


But there’s nothing wrong with experimenting. So, I re-painted most of the darker areas, and tried to make the overall effect of the red colour a bit more dramatic: 



This was a bit of a departure, really – I’ve never really tried directional lighting effects before; but sometimes trial and error takes you in interesting directions. 


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