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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Kharn The Betrayer (Basic, Speed-Painted Version)

The Family Cat ‘River of Diamonds’

I painted this in about a day – which is very quick by my standards. I wanted to keep this as simple as possible – so, resisted the temptation to paint a freehand pattern on the helmet-board..things:



Infinitely more enjoyable to paint than the old chaos possessed models. The basic approach is to use no more than about four layers per colour (i.e. base colour, layer, shade with wash, then edge-highlight – add a thin glaze if necessary):


I painted all the base colours first. Then shaded it in one go:


And finally, added the highlights:


One thing I would recommend when painting – especially when speed-painting – is a wet palette. You can buy these professionally-made – but they’re very pricey; and not really necessary. Simple, home-made ones serve the purpose just as adequately:


This fairly unappealing item was a former carton for vegetarian sausages – cut several sheets of kitchen towel-paper to size – and the palette itself is a sheet of baking parchment. Add water to the towel-paper first, drain the excess, then lay the parchment on top. It retards the drying time of paint for hours; and is invaluable when blending. Makes painting a lot less stressful, as well.



Big Audio Dynamite ‘E = mc2’

These are some very old Possessed Chaos Space Marines:


I didn’t really enjoy painting these, for some reason. Once I’d painted the Champion, it was a bit of a struggle to paint the remainder – so I tried using a slightly faster method. First, I painted the base coats a bit lighter than usual – then tried a shading technique described by Steve Buddle: namely, washing the entire models, twice, with a light brown mix (in my case, Snakebite leather rather than Sepia; with Asurmen Blue and Baal Red). This didn’t yield results I was happy with – so, I kind of changed approach, and used a thinned-down wash of Asurmen blue over the skin, then slightly more precise washes of purple and subsequently brown. The overall result is not great, but not too bad:


Much as I wish I could make a living from painting, I think army painting is just not for me, really.

On a more positive note – some really useful odds & ends:

How to make wire tree sculptures (thisiscolossal)

A really impressive method of creating miniature stained-glass windows (JakubSkolil)

Step-by-step guide to painting a Theseus and Minotaur diorama (MassiveVoodoo).

This is brilliant (CoolMiniOrNot)

Some excellent sculpting by J. D. Mac (Tumblr)