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Big Audio Dynamite ‘E = mc2’

These are some very old Possessed Chaos Space Marines:


I didn’t really enjoy painting these, for some reason. Once I’d painted the Champion, it was a bit of a struggle to paint the remainder – so I tried using a slightly faster method. First, I painted the base coats a bit lighter than usual – then tried a shading technique described by Steve Buddle: namely, washing the entire models, twice, with a light brown mix (in my case, Snakebite leather rather than Sepia; with Asurmen Blue and Baal Red). This didn’t yield results I was happy with – so, I kind of changed approach, and used a thinned-down wash of Asurmen blue over the skin, then slightly more precise washes of purple and subsequently brown. The overall result is not great, but not too bad:


Much as I wish I could make a living from painting, I think army painting is just not for me, really.

On a more positive note – some really useful odds & ends:

How to make wire tree sculptures (thisiscolossal)

A really impressive method of creating miniature stained-glass windows (JakubSkolil)

Step-by-step guide to painting a Theseus and Minotaur diorama (MassiveVoodoo).

This is brilliant (CoolMiniOrNot)

Some excellent sculpting by J. D. Mac (Tumblr)


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