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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Repairing models With Greenstuff.

The Siddeleys – My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon

Sometimes old models are worse for wear, and need rejuvenating. Essential tools for this – pin vices, craft knife, and brass rod (or wire):


Optional – cake/cup of tea:


Some repairs are straightforward – for instance, large, multi-part metal models often just require pinning to strengthen the bond between sections:


These fixes are not difficult – the drawback is that drilling and pinning is extremely tedious.

However, this was a bit more complex:


It’s a very old model now – which had been in a box for about 17 or 18 years; and was missing the left arm/hand. So, I found a spare part which could be used as a substitute. It was cut and filed in order to be flush with the metal surface:


After being pinned/attached it looked like this:


I used liquid Greenstuff to fill the gap – but it didn’t really work:


So, I used a small amount of epoxy putty to blend the two parts with a fur effect:


Once undercoated, it’s ready to paint:


Nothing fancy – but much better than leaving a model to gather dust; and far cheaper than chasing down over-priced bitz on Ebay.