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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Plague Marine

Texas is the Reason ‘If It’s Here When We Get Back…’

Hello. For what will be the last post of 2014 – this is a model I bought second-hand a few years ago, in a batch somewhat euphemistically sold as ‘Plague Marines’:


It’s not the greatest conversion, but I thought I could work on it, and update it a bit over the Christmas break. Unfortunately, I came down with flu on Christmas Eve, and spent a few days contending with the subsequent Niagara Falls of mucus. However, I made a start on it – beginning with adding the plastic parts to make it look more baroque:


Then adding texture with Liquid Greenstuff, and lots of drilling. I also made some buboes with putty, cutting them in half just before they had fully cured; and blending the seams by brushing over them with Water Effects gel:


Nothing too dramatic – but it goes to show that even the old plastic miniatures can be turned into something quite different with a bit of conversion work: