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Work In Progress – the Old Juggernaut of Khorne

 Jellyfish ‘The King Is Half Undressed’ 

I thought I would make a proper work in progress log, for once. Whenever I’ve tried this in the past, I tend to get caught up, and forget to take photos as I go along. I painted this when I was younger:




I think the model itself has a bit of baby animal -syndrome about it: the claws and teeth are oversized, to make them look ferocious; but instead they look more cute than anything. So, I want to paint it in a way which gives it a more brutal character.

That’s the idea. Unfortunately, actually physically painting models like this is surprisingly tricky – where do you hold them while applying paint?:


The main colours for this will be as follows:



I’ve already finished the rider:






Painting Worldeaters Chaos Space Marines

Unwound ‘Scarlette’

Painting rank and file Khorne Chaos Space Marines – (kind of) a step by step guide…

This was meant to be a tutorial aimed at people who need visual as well as written descriptions; but reading through it, it’s a bit unhelpful in that respect.

Anyway – it’s not vital to use specific paints: there are plenty of alternative brands/new Citadel versions (I get lost in all the new names); but as a guide:

GW = Games Workshop

VMC = Vallejo Model Colour

VAC = Vallejo Air Colour

VGC = Vallejo Game colour


Undercoat (it doesn’t need to be grey – that was just the spray that I had to hand):



Base colours

1. Red armour – Rhinox Hide (GW)

2. Gold areas – Shining Gold (GW) + small amount of Smoke (VMC)

3. Silver areas – Gunmetal Metal (VGC)

4. Copper areas – Copper (VMC)

5. Black areas – Black (VMC)

6. Leather areas – Flat Brown (VMC)

7. Green plumes – Olive Green (VAC)

8. Bone areas – Dheneb Stone (GW) + small amount of Khemri Brown (GW). The addition of Khemri Brown here is not strictly necessary – I just find that it improves the consistency






1. Red armour – wash over the armour with Rhinox Hide (GW) + Black (VMC)

2. Wash all other areas of the model with Smoke (VMC)

3. Wash copper areas with i) Olive Green (VAC) + Hawk Turquoise (GW). ii) Hawk Turquoise (GW). iii) Hawk Turquoise (GW) + Rotting Flesh (GW)

4. Wash silver areas with Leviathan purple (GW)




1. Red armour – i) Burnt Cadmium Red (VMC). ii) Edge highlight: Red (VMC) + Goldbrown (VMC). iii) Final edge highlight: Goldbrown (VMC). iv) Glaze: Baal Red (GW)

2. Black areas: i) Black (VMC) + Khaki (VGC). ii) Previous mix, with more Khaki added. iii) Glaze with Black (VMC)

3. Leather areas: i) Flat Brown (VMC) + Earth (VGC). ii) Previous mix + Bonewhite (VGC). iii) Glaze: Smoke (VMC)

4. Green plumes: i) Drybrush: Bronze green (VMC). ii) Drybrush: Greengrey (VMC). iii) Olive Green (VAC)

5. Bone areas: i) Dheneb Stone (GW) with a small amount of Khemri Brown (GW). ii) Dheneb Stone (GW). iii) Dheneb Stone (GW) + White (VMC). iv) Glaze: Leather Brown (VGC)

6. Copper areas – Copper (VMC)

7. Finally, dot the rivets with silver – I used aluminium (VAC). You can edge-highlight the gold and silver areas – but to be honest, it doesn’t make very much difference.




Done! Except for….

Painting the face

The photos haven’t come out very well here. However:

Base: Cadian Fleshtone (GW) + Liche Purple (GW)



Shade: wash with an equal-parts mix of Burnt Cadmium Red (VMC) + Smoke (VMC) + Black (VMC) + Liche Purple (GW)



Again, the specific paints aren’t important – just these colours (there are plenty of variants):


Highlight: i) Cadian Fleshtone (VMC) + Rotting Flesh (GW). Previous mix + more Rotting Flesh (GW). iii) Edge-highlight: Rotting Flesh (GW)



Mouth: i) wash with Burnt Cadmium Red (VMC) + Warlock Purple (GW). ii) Paint teeth with Dheneb Stone (GW) + White (VMC). iii) Edge-highlight teeth with White (VMC)






Once the base is painted, ’tis finished:



It all sounds more elaborate than it really is – it’s actually a good, straightforward way to paint rank and file models, without needing to rush, just to get a unit finished.


Some More Old Chaos Space Marine Models

The The ‘Mercy Beat’

Some of the models I painted just before Christmas – the old Obliterators:


Surprisingly tricky models to devise a good colour-scheme for, really.

One of the old Chaos Lords:



The unit of Khorne Berzerkers…



…which took what seemed like forever to finish. Never again!


Some good stuff:

Sculpting Old-School Flamers of Tzeentch (My Wargame)

The excellently sculpted Gore-Grub (Little Green Monsters)

Necromunda Terrain (Dylan Gould)

Rogue Trader-era models (Realm Of Chaos)




Some Old Models

Neve ‘Digital On’ 

Just a brief post, for any readers who like the old Chaos Space Marine Models:


The plague marine is converted from one of the old imperial Space Marines, which came with the original Warhammer 40,000 game – but the other two date back to the late eighties. I think they still hold up as models, really.