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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Painting Plague Marines (Rank & File)

Moonshake ‘Gravity’ 

It proved a bit gruelling, for some reason, painting these:



However, the paint scheme itself is pretty straightforward. The specific paints/colours I’ve used are not all-important – they were intended to tie-in with a larger force; mainly composed of Khorne/Black Legion Chaos Space Marines. They were also meant to be quick to paint.

These are the basic colours used:


The models were bought second-hand, a few years ago now; and I modified them slightly, as you can see from the green parts:



Painting the armour

1) Rhinox Hide (GW):



2) Bronze Green (VMC):


3) Wash: i. Olive Green (VMA) + Smoke (VMC). ii. Wash with Smoke on its own (VMC):


4) Edge Highlight: i. Bronze Green (VMC) + Rotting Flesh (GW). ii. Rotting Flesh on its own:


5) Glaze: i. Thraka Green (GW). ii. Smoke (VMC):


It isn’t strictly vital to use this final glaze of Smoke; but while Thraka Green smoothes out the previous layers, the Smoke colour adds a bit of warmth, and also makes the overall appearance look a bit murkier and less clean than, say, Dark Angels’ power armour tends to.

Painting the Buboes

These were the colours used – most of them, at least; I forgot to include the brighter red colour:



To paint the buboes:

  1. Basecoat: Rhinox Hide.
  2. Burnt Cadmium Red (VMC)
  3. Burnt Cadmium Red + Red (VMC)
  4. Red + Trollslayer Orange (GW)
  5. Trollslayer Orange + Plague Brown (VGC)
  6. Plague Brown
  7. Plague Brown + Rotting Flesh (GW)
  8. Glaze: Baal Red (GW).

You can see how the colours were applied:



And then how the glaze ties these all together:



I also give them a final glaze with a thinned-down layer of water effect.

Creating the blood-effect

The materials used for this are, firstly, a piece of nylon thread – you can buy proper modelling versions of this, or use fishing line; but I just use the kind which attach labels to clothes:



Also: PVA glue, epoxy glue, and superglue; along with Tamiya clear red paint and black artist’s ink:



First, fix the nylon thread into place using dots of PVA. This won’t prove hardy, but it means you can manoeuvre the thread carefully into place. Once this has dried, reinforce the bond with small dots of superglue (using a cocktail stick, or something similar):


Create the texture using epoxy glue – dot some on top of the thread, and some underneath it:



You can use water effects, which is easier to apply, and less toxic than epoxy; but it is less able to withstand handling. I usually use a cocktail stick to stipple the glue, just before it has fully cured, in order to make it less smooth, and look more naturalistic.

Once the epoxy has dried, mix the Tamiya clear red paint with a small amount of black ink, to create the bloody-colour:


Stipple this on using and old brush:


And with that, ’tis done:





Juggernaut – Finished

Thin White Rope ‘Wire Animals’ 

Finally completed: 016


Showing it’s age as a model, really – but still characterful.

The base was made mainly using cork (don’t buy expensive modelling sheet-material – cheap table mats are equally good):


Cork can be a slightly tricky material to work with – but adding texture paste makes the sheer-surface look more naturalistic:




Simple, but effective.

Juggernaut – Work in Progress (II)

Queen Adreena ‘Soda Dreamer’

 The freehand design was meant to be a magma effect. First, I made the outline with grey:



Overlaid this with dark red:



Before layering-on the detail with orange and a bleached-bone colour:



I wasn’t really happy with it at this point; so tried to boost the colour by glazing the pattern with orange:



With the rider attached it looked imbalanced, somehow – so, still a bit of work to be done:




Juggernaut – Work in Progress

The Parachute Men ‘Leeds Station’ 

Not much of a write-up; just a short photogallery. You can see the difference that washes make – even if it’s a fairly straightforward one, such as using a burnt umber colour; or a slightly more complex type to create a verdigris effect: 004 008 002   I tried a fairly basic source-lighting effect around the face, to make it look a bit more dynamic:007 008 014 Normally, I would paint the claws/spikes a more organic colour – but I thought painting the claws black would help make them look a bit less comically over-sized; while a copper-colour for the spikes was something I hadn’t seen before, and thought it might be different. I’m a bit ambivalent about the result.