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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Chaos Terminators (Vintage)

The telescopes ‘flying’

Just a brief post, really. The completed unit of old chaos terminators, from the mid-1990’s:



As with other multi-part metal models, it’s physically very difficult to paint these – you really do end up painting them one segment at a time. Still look the business, though – very baroque and brutal.


A Quick Method For Painting Black

Pylon ‘Look Alive’  

Black can be a difficult colour to paint. There is a scientific explanation for this – namely that God decided it shouldn’t be an easy colour to paint. He tossed a coin.

There are some good guides to overcoming this, such as MassiveVoodoo‘s, or FlameOn‘s – but for a more straightforward rank & file approach, I use these colours:



1) Basecoat – black:


2) Wash with Smoke:



3) I don’t layer highlights on when painting black this way, because it turns the colour grey. Instead, keep the colour-transition minimal, by edge-highlighting in two stages:

i) First edge-highlight – mix a small amount of Khaki with black (dark grey).

ii) Second edge-highlight – add more khaki, to the above mix (light grey)

Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t photograph black very well, but you can see the edge-highlighting on the right elbow pad and Glove:


4) Glaze – black:


It’s not an artistic method; but it makes for an easy way to paint an effective black colour-scheme.