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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Hunter & Hunted – Work In Progress (2)

Headswim ‘No Ticket’ 

I made a mock-up of the base for the small diorama I’m working on – it’s not strictly necessary to do this; but it saves a lot of time in the long-term, and allows you to chop and change things around while using materials which are cheap, recyclable, and easy to work with: in this case, card from cereal boxes, foam from a supermarket pizza, the caps from various jars/bottles, the fixing from an old lightbulb (no idea why I kept this, but it was in my bitz box, and looks like a good sewer outlet), bits of plastic off-cuts from sprues, and lots of tape. It also allows you to identify problems before you’ve begun cutting-up expensive plastic kits; and provides you with a template to work from:


I wasn’t happy with this, because it looks a bit passive, so changed it around slightly:


Needless to say, it looks very little like the original concept I had sketched out, a few months ago, as a preparatory for this – but that’s the upshot of trial and error:


I have to admit to feeling a bit of trepidation about this project – partly because I want to use it to boost my painting skills, and get them to a higher level than present; and I’m still not quite sure what type of colour scheme and tone to use – but it’s good to have challenges.

Now, onto the real thing.


Hunter & Hunted – Work In Progress

808 State ‘Pacific 98’

I’ve always liked the Necromunda artwork and characterisation; and the Blanchitsu aesthetic of painting. I also like the Nurgle Chaos Lord GW released a few years ago – so thought I could combine all three in one diorama. I’ve pretty much completed the main model:



The base itself has needed to be reconfigured a bit from the planned design, and it’s a bit of a departure from anything I’ve ever done before:



It’s going to be an exercise in painting non-metallic metals – which is a technique I haven’t managed to master yet; so we’ll have to see how it goes.


Chaos Space Marine Army

Groop Dogdrill ‘Jackie O’

I have mixed feelings about this, as a project, really. I started painting the models almost exactly a year ago – and it started out enjoyable, became work, and ultimately a hard slog towards the end. I was expecting to be left with something which I was proud of – but once the figures were altogether, it looked a bit paltry; and I felt a bit burned-out, the same way I did when I finished my degree (long time ago, now).



A few snapshots: 013













I’m going to take a short break and recharge, before starting out on something new. I won’t say what, but if you want a cryptic clue – I often sketch out ideas in a notebook, as a kind of memory aid (I can’t always read my own writing, admittedly. The theme will be ‘Hunter & Hunted’; not ‘Hamster & Hampstead’):


Chaos Tank Revisited

The dbs ‘black and white’

I wasn’t entirely happy with the tank that I painted last year; so decided to repaint some of it – mainly just toning-down the brighter areas, improving the contrast via spot-colours, and replacing the freehand designs with some which were a bit more fitting:






This was the final model of the Chaos Space Marine army, which I began a year ago. I will hopefully upload some photos of this soon.