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Hunter & Hunted – Work In Progress (2)

Headswim ‘No Ticket’ 

I made a mock-up of the base for the small diorama I’m working on – it’s not strictly necessary to do this; but it saves a lot of time in the long-term, and allows you to chop and change things around while using materials which are cheap, recyclable, and easy to work with: in this case, card from cereal boxes, foam from a supermarket pizza, the caps from various jars/bottles, the fixing from an old lightbulb (no idea why I kept this, but it was in my bitz box, and looks like a good sewer outlet), bits of plastic off-cuts from sprues, and lots of tape. It also allows you to identify problems before you’ve begun cutting-up expensive plastic kits; and provides you with a template to work from:


I wasn’t happy with this, because it looks a bit passive, so changed it around slightly:


Needless to say, it looks very little like the original concept I had sketched out, a few months ago, as a preparatory for this – but that’s the upshot of trial and error:


I have to admit to feeling a bit of trepidation about this project – partly because I want to use it to boost my painting skills, and get them to a higher level than present; and I’m still not quite sure what type of colour scheme and tone to use – but it’s good to have challenges.

Now, onto the real thing.


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