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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Dire Wolves Diorama (2)

Porno For Pyros -‘Pets’

Pretty much finished the construction of this, prior to being undercoated:


I’ve yet to figure out how to make the backboard, though. I’m going to try and paint this in a slightly different style to my usual approach – mainly through using colour-harmony, and directional lighting, in order to make the overall diorama look cinematic.

Odds & ends from around t’net

Some nice freehand work from Scotty’sWorkshop.

An undead horde by GardensOfHecate.

A really adept Blanchitsu-style demon by Technasma.

Characterful mechanicum models by DaveTaylorMiniatures.

A zombie horde by SamsonMinis.

Bitzbox warband challenge from TheLost&TheVeryDamned.

Some colourful historical miniatures by Xulutec.

Dire Wolves Diorama – Work In Progress (1)

The Sugarcubes ‘Mama’

It’s not very often that I paint something purely for enjoyment, but the dire wolves models are among my personal favourite miniatures. I’ve always liked horror movies – I used to enjoy the creaky Hammer Horrors when I was a kid; and I thought I could put the two together to make a small diorama. I also liked the Ladybird Horror classic books, and one in particular sprang to mind:


(The audio version of this is available on Youtube, incidentally)

Unfortunately, I had a dose of the painting/modelling equivalent of writer’s block, for some reason; and couldn’t really think of a distinct theme for the base – but when inspiration is lacking, it’s always better to cobble something together and use that as a starting point, as a way of overcoming mental blankness. Not an infrequent challenge, for me, admittedly.


So far, it’s just at the construction stage.