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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Dire Wolves Diorama (3)

The Sugarcubes ‘Planet’

This has proven a bit slow-progress, unfortunately – but I’ve nearly finished the main part of the base:


The aim was to paint it using directional lighting, and make the colouration a bit more monochrome and subtle, rather than my usual approach of strong colours, and edge-highlighting. I don’t have an airbrush, so used dry-brushing to achieve the lighting effect, and add texture.


I was originally going to cover the earth-parts with static grass; but I think it will look better with a few fairly sparse adornments instead – so that it resembles a derelict landscape. I also need to re-work a few aspects slightly – such as the free-hand fish skeleton, which looks like a bad attempt at calligraphy; and brighten the mossy areas.

On the off-chance that a work-in-progress presentation of seductive browns and enchanting greys isn’t very exciting, some helpful/interesting oddments from cyberspace – a few proved handy while I was figuring out how to construct my own base:

How to create a miniature cornfield by RobHawkinsHobby.

A beginner’s guide to painting by MassiveVoodoo.

A step-by-step guide to creating a forest base, by MagieMiniatures.

How to paint resin bases by TaleOfPainters.

A bit old, now – but a piece on basic groundwork, by PirateVikingPainting.