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Dire Wolves Diorama (4)

Siouxie & The Banshees ‘Fireworks’ 

I’ve finally finished the base for this, after some protracted tweaking – it still looks like it could do with being augmented a bit, but I’ll have to do that when the actual wolves have been added, if need be:




My natural painting style tended to by quite drab for long enough – so, several years ago, I made a conscious effort to change it; and use bolder, brighter colours. It’s been quite difficult to keep this monochromatic, really, but it’s close to how I want it to look.


Worth a look:

Colourful Nurgle warriors, by DiceAndBrush.

Some weird and wonderful Inquisitor conversions by EternalHunt.

Interesting discussion (and comments) about the whys and wherefores of offensive themes in art and miniatures, by ChestOfColors.

EarthPrints, by Boston Globe’s BigPicture.

An interview with the painter Adrian Walters, on LegionOfTheCow.




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  1. Your detailing is incredible. I love the gravestone, skeletons and general macabre look to the whole piece. How many wolves will be on this piece?

  2. Thanks for mentioning the article about offensive/provocative/inappropriate miniatures. It’s not common to have such subjects mentioned on wargaming/modeling blogs, so I really appreciate it!

    For those interested there are yet some more comments on the facebook fanpage (I won’t link it, as it’s pretty easy to google it) and my facebook profile. I may post an update with these comments (some really insightful) later for those interested.

    Keep on blogging and good luck with the diorama. Looking forward to seeing it finished :)


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