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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Dwarf Dragon Slayer (3)

Orquesta del Desierto – Reaching Out

I’ve finished the rock part of the base:


I weathered this using enamel paints – this isn’t really necessary; it was really just an excuse to bugger about. I expected them to be more vivid than acrylics – but they actually proved much more subtle; and gave a nice, understated kind of texture.

These were the specific paints used – but it doesn’t matter too much:


Base-coated with grey:


Washed with the Dark Brown enamel:


Washed with the Dark Green enamel:


Drybrushed with grey + deck tan:


Drybrushed with deck tan:




The algae effect was just the same method I used to paint mossy patches on the Dire Wolves diorama last year – namely just greens and browns, with a bit of texture added in places by mixing bicarbonate of soda and some matt varnish into the paint. The seaweed was made using pieces of moss from my garden, which had been left to dry. Adding this in large clumps doesn’t look right – but if you attach small pieces at a time with some PVA glue, it looks effective.



Dwarf Dragon Slayer (2)

Adorable ‘I’ll be your saint’ 

The last mock-up before beginning to paint this:


I quite enjoyed sculpting the barnacles – but we’ll have to see how the water effect turns out, as it’s not something I’ve ever really attempted before:


It’s a fairly banal point, but I barely used the colour blue in the last few models I’ve painted, and tended to make green the predominant colour; so I’m going to see if I can switch that around.


Worth a look:

A quick way of painting textured power-armour (MiniaTextures)

How to create an underground scenic base (LegionOfTheCow)

Step-by-step showcase on painting non-metallic gold (BellOfLostSouls)

Interesting exercise in painting skin-tones (SproketsSmallWorld)

Mushrooms! (Serpentarium)

Dwarf Dragon Slayer (1)

Kitchens of Distinction ‘Aspray’ 

I’ve never painted a Dwarf miniature before; and thought this would be a really good, dynamic model to paint in non-metallic metals and bright colours. The dragon-head on the base reminded me of the figureheads on Viking long-ships, so I decided I would try to paint it up as if the Slayer had been shipwrecked by whatever he was hunting; and is about to dive into the sea to face it off:


A brief step-by-step for making the base

These were just pieces of cork tile, covered in wood putty:


Attaching the plastic base the model comes with:


Stippling several layers of wood putty on, to give it a craggy texture:


Limpets sculpted on:


I’m planning to make a splashing water-effect. There are lots of good tutorials available on how to do this, but I want to keep it quite simple, if possible. I haven’t quite figured-out how to add seaweed though.

Dire Wolves Diorama – Finished

Siouxsie And The Banshees ‘Song from the Edge of the World’


Finally finished – I was going to paint a backdrop for this, but the preparatory version didn’t look very good, so I decided to just keep it to a plain display base; which gives it a kind of quiet atmosphere, somehow:










Painted mainly because I like the dire wolves models themselves so much. I’m going to make a complete departure with the next project; and paint something I’ve never painted before.

Dire Wolves Diorama (6)

Cocteau Twins ‘Road, River, And Rail’


Nearly finished, but not quite:


As much as I like these models, they were a bit of a bugger to paint:


The last year of painting has been a bit up and down: from the disappointing conclusion to the Chaos Space Marine army I finished in Spring; to the more enjoyable, but over-ambitious, Necromunda diorama I made over the Summer.


I think I got the balance right on this project, though, which made it a good way to finish the year; and a springboard for the upcoming pieces I plan to work on. These are going to be a bit more colourful, and experimental. I’m also thinking of changing the format of this site a bit, to hopefully include more tutorials. Other than that, I wish people well for the upcoming year.