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Dwarf Dragon Slayer (1)

Kitchens of Distinction ‘Aspray’ 

I’ve never painted a Dwarf miniature before; and thought this would be a really good, dynamic model to paint in non-metallic metals and bright colours. The dragon-head on the base reminded me of the figureheads on Viking long-ships, so I decided I would try to paint it up as if the Slayer had been shipwrecked by whatever he was hunting; and is about to dive into the sea to face it off:


A brief step-by-step for making the base

These were just pieces of cork tile, covered in wood putty:


Attaching the plastic base the model comes with:


Stippling several layers of wood putty on, to give it a craggy texture:


Limpets sculpted on:


I’m planning to make a splashing water-effect. There are lots of good tutorials available on how to do this, but I want to keep it quite simple, if possible. I haven’t quite figured-out how to add seaweed though.


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  1. Never mind the dwarves…Kitchens of Distinction are one of my favourite bands ever – nice touch – cheers for the reminder – think I’ll dig out Strange Free World for the car CD player in the morning.


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