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Dwarf Dragon Slayer (3)

Orquesta del Desierto – Reaching Out

I’ve finished the rock part of the base:


I weathered this using enamel paints – this isn’t really necessary; it was really just an excuse to bugger about. I expected them to be more vivid than acrylics – but they actually proved much more subtle; and gave a nice, understated kind of texture.

These were the specific paints used – but it doesn’t matter too much:


Base-coated with grey:


Washed with the Dark Brown enamel:


Washed with the Dark Green enamel:


Drybrushed with grey + deck tan:


Drybrushed with deck tan:




The algae effect was just the same method I used to paint mossy patches on the Dire Wolves diorama last year – namely just greens and browns, with a bit of texture added in places by mixing bicarbonate of soda and some matt varnish into the paint. The seaweed was made using pieces of moss from my garden, which had been left to dry. Adding this in large clumps doesn’t look right – but if you attach small pieces at a time with some PVA glue, it looks effective.



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