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Dwarf Dragon Slayer (4)

love battery – fuzz factory

I’ve completed the base. It needed about half a dozen coats of water effect gel, and it takes at least 24 hours for each one to cure fully, before you can apply the subsequent layer – so it’s fairly time-consuming. I’m slightly ambivalent about the results, but it’s always worth trying something new.

These were the main colours used – I think I used a wash of dark grey to shade the waves; but forgot to include it here:


The glaze medium was helpful, though not strictly vital, because the waves were made from greenstuff; and with them being smooth and undulating, glazing them using watered-down paint didn’t work, as it tended to run off the peaks and gather in the deeper areas.


Brief step-by-step

Basecoat with turquoise:


Shade with dark grey; and then highlight with turquoise + Ushabti bone. Increase the amount of Ushabti bone over subsequent layers; before applying a final highlight of pure Ushabti bone. Finish by glazing the waves with turquoise:


Once it’s been coated with several layers of water effect gel:


The foam was made using a mix of liquid water effect, crushed glass, and snow flock – once this had dried, I gave the whole area two coats of liquid water effect:


In between waiting for the various layers to dry, I decided to revisit the Dire Wolves diorama from last December, and paint a backdrop for it. I came up with two different versions – neither of which I like, really:




Back to the drawing board. It still seems like it’s missing an element in the background, somehow; but I’m not really sure what would solve this.


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