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Dwarf Dragon Slayer (5)

Underworld ‘Pearl’s Girl’ 

I’ve finished the base – and thought it might be of use to demonstrate the method for making the foam effect.



These are the materials I used – still water effect, crushed glass, and snow flock:


Crushed glass is quite dangerous, so it’s important to wear protective gloves, goggles, and a dust mask. However, it’s made easier to handle if you use a laboratory spatula.

I didn’t devise a precise formula for the quantities, but made a small pool of water effect on a sheet of aluminium foil, added about half a spatula of crushed glass, and then a heaped spatula of snow flock; mixing them together with a cocktail stick:


I then used the cocktail stick to dab this onto the water area.

I experimented with the ratios, and tried to make the foam whiter by adding more snow flock to the mixture – which doesn’t work. Instead, I found that the more layers you add, the more opaque and white it will eventually look. It’s best to wait for one layer to dry properly before adding another:


Once you’re happy with the foam effect, brush several layers of pure still water effect over it, to finish it off.


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  1. This is going really well, I love the look of the tentacles!


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