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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Space Hulk Diorama (2)

Flowered Up ‘Egg Rush’ 

I’ve finished the mock-up of the space hulk setting itself:



With the figures included:


I’ve found in the past that it’s really useful to make a prototype which is as detailed as possible, before starting out on the finished piece. Making a preparatory version this way may seem like an unnecessary and time-consuming exercise, but it tends to save a lot of wasted effort overall; because it allows you to get a clear idea of what the eventual model will look like, and to address any problems while you’re only using cheap/free material – such as cereal box card – rather than expensive variants, like plasticard, or styrene rod.

Unfortunately, I ran out of plasticard – and have had to order some; so I’m not sure when I’ll actually be able to start work on this properly; but there we go.


Worth a look

The picture which first gave me the idea for making a Space Hulk diorama (Emuse Studio)

How to make a miniature rose (Samson Minis)

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Beginnings of a diorama based on the recent Mad Max movie (Eureka Miniatures)

Blanchian figures based on the Pilgrim’s Progress – something I’ve been thinking about making myself, oddly enough (MiniaTextures)

How to paint a Nurgle banner (Les Kouzes)



Space Hulk Diorama (1)

Tsunami ‘Answer Man’ 

I bought the Librarian model second-hand a while back; and thought it would make a good centrepiece in a diorama. Very early stages at the moment, but these are the figures I’m going to use:


I want to make the diorama seem claustrophobic and tense -and base it on the Space Hulk game’s artwork. I haven’t really got a clear idea on how to do this yet, though.

I’ve converted two of the genestealers slightly – removing the hand holding a terminator helmet on one, and readjusting the other to make it look like it’s been fought off, and sent sprawling:




I just removed the tongue, and arms, and re-positioned them:


Early mock-up:



Dwarf Dragon Slayer – Finished

Caron Wheeler ‘Livin’ In The Light’ 


I had to concede defeat on painting this in non-metallic metals, unfortunately. I spent a weekend trying to get the axe-heads right, but couldn’t manage it; and, after starting-over several times, thought it was best to paint it in regular metals. Painting has its ups and downs, but I’m not too unhappy about this, even if metallic paints are a bit tricky to use, they do suit models meant to be viewed from several angles.

I’m selling this model on Ebay, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Candlelighters charity – which provides support to children who have cancer; and to their families. One of my mother’s colleagues recently lost their 15 year-old daughter to leukemia; so if people wish to bid, they would be more than welcome.















I’m going to make a Space Hulk diorama next; which is something I’ve been looking forward to doing for a while. The artwork and atmosphere of the game has always been evocative; and it coincides well with the Deathwatch release, which has some great atmospherics of its own.