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Space Hulk Diorama (1)

Tsunami ‘Answer Man’ 

I bought the Librarian model second-hand a while back; and thought it would make a good centrepiece in a diorama. Very early stages at the moment, but these are the figures I’m going to use:


I want to make the diorama seem claustrophobic and tense -and base it on the Space Hulk game’s artwork. I haven’t really got a clear idea on how to do this yet, though.

I’ve converted two of the genestealers slightly – removing the hand holding a terminator helmet on one, and readjusting the other to make it look like it’s been fought off, and sent sprawling:




I just removed the tongue, and arms, and re-positioned them:


Early mock-up:




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  1. Alreadly liking it bud, looking forward to seeing how your diorama progresses.


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