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Space Hulk Diorama (2)

Flowered Up ‘Egg Rush’ 

I’ve finished the mock-up of the space hulk setting itself:



With the figures included:


I’ve found in the past that it’s really useful to make a prototype which is as detailed as possible, before starting out on the finished piece. Making a preparatory version this way may seem like an unnecessary and time-consuming exercise, but it tends to save a lot of wasted effort overall; because it allows you to get a clear idea of what the eventual model will look like, and to address any problems while you’re only using cheap/free material – such as cereal box card – rather than expensive variants, like plasticard, or styrene rod.

Unfortunately, I ran out of plasticard – and have had to order some; so I’m not sure when I’ll actually be able to start work on this properly; but there we go.


Worth a look

The picture which first gave me the idea for making a Space Hulk diorama (Emuse Studio)

How to make a miniature rose (Samson Minis)

How to improve your painting (Magie Miniatures)

Beginnings of a diorama based on the recent Mad Max movie (Eureka Miniatures)

Blanchian figures based on the Pilgrim’s Progress – something I’ve been thinking about making myself, oddly enough (MiniaTextures)

How to paint a Nurgle banner (Les Kouzes)




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