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Space Hulk Diorama (3)

My Bloody Valentine ‘Honey Power’ 


I’ve finished one of the space hulk panels, and thought it might be helpful to make a tutorial.

I’m not particularly good at straight-edge modelling, and this was an exercise in trial and error – but if you want to make something similar, here’s how to do it. I would recommend making a practice-run before starting the finished piece.

Materials: foamcard, plasticard, plastic-rod, plastic-tubing. It isn’t really necessary to use the same materials that I have here, as they can be quite pricey – card and plastic straws would work just as well. It’s worth investing in a straight-edge tool and a sharp craft-knife though.

The panel on the left is what I was modelling here:


Firstly, cut a piece of foamcard to size – and draw the outlines of the door-hatch:


Remove the two panels like so, with a craft knife – the sharper the blade, the cleaner its cut will be (this was my preparatory version, using a blade which was a bit blunt; so it frayed the edges slightly) :


Make the pistons – cutting plastic-rod to size, before gluing them into plastic tubing:


These are placed in the panels. The door itself was made from plastic-card:


It looked a bit flimsy at this point, so I made some more pistons from smaller plastic-rod/tubing, which bulked it out a bit. The octagonal frame of the door here is the card from the mock-up version I’d made:


I made a copy using plasticard – this was quite painstaking, so be prepared to undertake several efforts before getting it right (I can never manage to cut it with perfect precision):


I then made lining for the door itself out of plasticard:


Unfortunately, this is where an error crept it – as the lines aren’t a uniform width, due to a minor planning mistake. I hadn’t noticed this until I’d finished, either. This isn’t a big deal – but something to watch out for. They were glued on:


I added strips cut from plasticard to the door:


I used texture plasticard to make a panel above and beneath the door:


Finally, I added detail -using rhinestones to make the rivets; and various bits and pieces to make it look mechanised:





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