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Space Hulk Diorama (4)

Bona Dish ‘Susan Says’


The construction work on the base is finished – it needs a bit of gap-filling; but it’s essentially done:


I decided to model genestealer eggs underneath the flooring.

First, make small balls of varying sizes out of greenstuff, or any similar putty. When they’ve cured, cut them in half, or remove the lower third. These will form the eggs.

I attached these to the base using still water effect:


Once this has dried, place PVA glue around the eggs, using a cocktail stick:


While the PVA is still wet, use another cocktail stick to place droplets of superglue on the PVA – and then create texture by stippling the mixture:


Once it’s dried it will be transparent:



I will make a tutorial on how to paint these, and make them look suitably gruesome, in the near future.


Worth a look

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  1. This is looking so cool! Very inspirational :)


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