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Space Hulk Diorama (7)

Medicine ‘Heads’ 


Work in progress, so far – the floor was completed using modelling mesh. This is very fiddly to use, but it gives you a more transparent finish than embroidery board does:


One wall is also finished:


The method for painting red is essentially the same one described here; but with several thin washes of black in the recessed areas, to provide heavy shadows.


Worth a look

Imperial Guard vs Tyranids diorama (Stockholm Warpaint)

Not entirely sure what this is, but it looks interesting (Minia Textures)

Pilgrim Warband – I keep meaning to do something in this vein, yet never quite do (Iron Sleet)

Mutant Warband (Exprofundis)

Making a Revenant Titan (Les Kouzes)

Something better than life or death (Serpentarium)


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  1. I’m liking the progress work mate. Can’t wait to see it all complete.

  2. WIP looking really good bud.

  3. richardhutton

    Thanks for the feedback, guys.


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