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Space Hulk Diorama (12): making slimy what-nots.

Tripping Daisy ‘Motivation’

Took a bit longer than anticipated to finish the second genestealer, due to a somewhat turbulent past fortnight. But anyway, a brief tutorial on how to create a slime effect.

What you need – a piece of nylon thread (in this case, the kind which attaches labels to clothes):




PVA glue, still water effect, and epoxy glue to build up the actual slime effect:


Tamiya transparent paints and still water effect to paint it with:


So, firstly, attach a microbead, and a short piece of nylon thread, to the tongue with PVA glue:


Add a thin layer of the epoxy glue, using a cocktail stick; and leave this to cure. Then add several layers of still water effect:


Once all of this has dried, make the paint – mix the Tamiya green and yellow together, and add a small amount of the smoke colour. Add some still water effect to this; and then paint several layers on the tongue – waiting for each one to dry, before adding the next:


You can see the bullet-hole effect here, half-way down on the right-hand side of the carapace. The blood was made by mixing some epoxy glue together, then adding a dab of the same paint mixture from the previous stage, before dotting it into the hole with a cocktail stick:




I haven’t had time to check-out many other painters’ work during the past week, unfortunately; but hopefully the next few weeks will be less disruptive. One more genestealer to go, and then on with the Librarian.


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  1. Holy crap that’s awesome, blown away by your level of detail!


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