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Space Hulk Diorama (13)

Babes in Toyland ‘Hello’


The final genestealer is finished; but looking at the diorama so far, there are a couple of things which I think need to be improved a bit: 002


The number/arrows above the left-hand door don’t look right – I’m not sure whether to re-do them, or to try something else; but I’m going to paint the Librarian first. A change is usually as good as a rest; and whenever I’m unsure about something, I find that putting it aside for a while enables you to return to it with a bit more objectivity, and a clearer view. I think the scene maybe needs more slime, as well. But we’ll see.


Worth a look

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Ironstrider (Almost Perftec)

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  1. This is looking so good! The poor librarian doesn’t stand a chance.

    • richardhutton

      Thank you – we’ll see. The Terminator Librarian is a really imposing kind of model; hopefully when it’s painted it will look like an even match.


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