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Space Hulk Diorama (14) – Librarian

Warsaw Village Band ‘Maydów’ 

I’ve begun painting the Space Marine Librarian.

Because the model is very elaborate, and made from the dreaded finecast resin, I tried to map-out the colours before focusing on individual parts of it. For instance, using yellow ochre/grey as a basecoat for areas which were subsequently painted gold/silver.

This is particularly helpful when painting metal areas; as when you thin metallic paints, it can take a significant number of layers to get a good coat. However, when you pre-paint them a similar, but non-metallic colour, you can cover them in only 1-2 layers, rather than the 6+ it normally requires:



I then began to paint the foundation layers for the various parts:



Before giving the whole model a wash with very watery black; then another wash with dark brown:



This wasn’t really done to shade the model, as such; but to delineate the detail, as models like this can be very fiddly to paint – and sometimes the finer aspects of it become virtually indistinguishable.

Not much to look at as it stands; but I intend to make a tutorial on how to paint the blue power armour next. So hopefully the next update will be a bit more interesting. Blue is a colour I tend to veer away from painting, as a rule. I also hope to make this much cleaner and brighter than I normally paint figures.


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