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Space Hulk Diorama (16) – Painting White

Ultramarine ‘Honey’

People sometimes struggle to paint white, as it’s a difficult colour to highlight. Daft as it may sound, there are different methods for painting it. Normally, I use a kind of grey-blue colour as the basis, and shade it with dark-blue and black; but I wanted it to contrast with the blue power armour, and to have a bit of warmth. So, these are the colours I used:


Basecoat – USA Olive Brown:


Layer – Fenrisian Grey + Earth (1:1):


Layer – the Fenrisian Grey + Earth mix, with a small amount of white (c. 3:1). Paint additional layers, adding a bit more white each time, until you’re painting with a mix which is mainly white:


The colour transition hasn’t come out too clearly in the photographs:


I then painted several very thin washes of USA olive brown over the white areas, as the finecast resin makes it difficult to shade some parts. I had to paint all of the feathers one by one:


Once this had dried, I carefully shaded the recesses with a slightly thicker solution of USA olive brown; before painting the deepest recesses with smoke:

011Edge highlight – white. I added chips/scratches at this stage, by painting a mix of Fenrisian Grey + Earth + USA Olive brown (equal parts) to create the dents; highlighting their ridges with white:




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