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Redemptionists (2)

Muttonbirds ‘Nature’ 


I decided to expand the Redemptionists into a diorama; depicting the last stand of Karloth Valois. If you’re unfamiliar with Necromunda, Karloth Valois is the Underhive’s arch villain – a Necromantic nomad, who gravitated towards Scavvies; and was chased into the abyss by Redemptionists. Afterwards, he was rumoured to resurface, evasively; with an entourage of plague zombies.

The background story makes him a faintly sympathetic figure, persecuted by the intolerant fanaticism of the Redemption; while the original model was a bit camp. I wanted to turn this around, and make a more sinister version of Valois; and depict the Redemptionists as the heroes of the piece, having chased Valois down to his lair.

I’ve assembled the Scavvy retinue – I was just going to modify several Chaos cultists, as they look like generic Necromunda gangers; but thought that making a Scaly would add more character:


In the original game, Scalies were armed with crudely-built spear guns – so I converted the main body and weapon from an Ork Nob:


You can see the alterations:


To make a rope for the harpoon, I used some copper wire, which came with some plant labels:


Put two strands into a pin vice, then twist the pin vice around as if you were drilling with it:


It then turns into plaits:


Copper wire is a particularly easy type of material to use; but it can be expensive – florist’s wire would probably work just as well.

The almost-finished Scaly:



It needs some actual scales adding with greenstuff, but otherwise done.


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  1. Brilliant. I love the harpoon weapon!


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