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Redemptionists (4) – Making A Display Base

Screaming Trees ‘Change Has Come’ 

I’ve finished the model of Karloth Valois – I wanted to depict him as an itinerant Wyrd, before becoming the Underhive’s premier super-villain:


So, on with the base.

This is still a work in progress, but as it might take a fair bit of time to complete the detailing, it seems worthwhile to at least demonstrate the basics of creating a display base.

It’s helpful to plan it out, and make a mock-up version, using cheap material – such as cereal box card – before beginning the final model; as this allows you to chop and change your ideas as necessary, without wasting costly material.

I made a sketch, based on some of the old, scratch-built Necromunda scenery, which appeared in the original release of the game:

005Obviously, this is not high-art; just a quick record of your ideas. It’s only ever a matter of personal taste; but I think that a straightforward idea is better than an overly elaborate one. Partly because if you’re not careful, the base can over-power the miniatures; but partly because otherwise it ends up absorbing most of your time and effort.

First, the mock version – getting an idea of the size needed:


Make templates:


Use these to transfer the design to foamcard:


The initial mock-up:


At this stage, it looked a bit bland and static; so I decided to make the bridge the focal point of the setting:


The bulkheads were turned into the bridge’s legs – to make them look a bit more robust, add beams made from sprues/rhinestones:



As well as pipes, made from plastic rod/tubing:



The foamcard hills were a bit flimsy; so I made versions out of corkboard:


Attached to the actual base – this was just a spare off-cut of wood I had lying around; you should be able to buy something cut to order if needed, either online or from a timber merchant:


These were then blended into the base by stippling them with wood-putty:


Then using PVA/sand to cover the remainder of the base:


Once this has dried, give it several thin coats of watered down PVA (about five parts water to one part PVA).

I made the bridge’s platform from foamcard:



This was supposed to be an old, damaged bridge in the Underhive – so cut it to shape, and use brass rod to keep the pieces attached:


This was set to be overlaid with plasticard – to cut it to the same size, it’s helpful to use small dots of bluetack in order to prevent the metal ruler slipping around on the plastic:


I wanted to make a cracked concrete effect, so cut two pieces of plasticard to the same size:


To make the broken concrete effect, cut the plasticard into cracked parts:


Then trim these a bit with a craft knife, before gluing them down:


I also used some old chicken-wire, to represent damage:


As you can see in the middle of the section, I then attached some bits of foamcard/plasticard to represent broken up slabs of concrete:


It needs detailing; plus I’m not sure whether to make the water element dynamic or stagnant – but that’s the foundation, at any rate.


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