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Redemptionists (6) – Painting Rust Effects & Plague Zombies

Bowery Electric ‘Fear Of Flying’ 

I’ve nearly finished painting the base. A slight mishap when using the water effect means it will have to be done the hard way, painting it in layers – which will take several days; but that’s no big deal.

I wanted to finish the base in a time-frame of about a week. The last time I made anything like this was the base for the Hunter & Hunted diorama, which dragged on for just under two months, and became extremely unenjoyable.

So, I wanted to employ dry-brushing and washes, to provide a quick but effective scheme.


I thought it might be useful demonstrate how to paint the rust effect.

The undercoated pipe:


I created texture by using red-oxide paste:


It was then painted dark brown, along with all of the other metal parts:


These were painted with a thinned-down enamel rust-wash – specifically this one (the lid on mine broke, and had to be stored in a Kilner jar):

Image result for humbrol rust wash

Humbrol have a video on how to use these.


Enamels tend to give a subtle effect; so to add a bit more colour in places, I then used several thin washes of orange/ochre paints:


When these had dried:


Finished by dabbing on some pigments; and bonding these with white spirit (I made a previous tutorial on this):




How to paint plague zombies.

These were the colours used:


These were just used to create a flesh-wash:


Basecoat: Mephiston Red on the intestines, Cadian fleshtone on the skin, and Rakarth flesh on the bone areas.


The whole model was given a wash with Smoke; then the skin/intestines were given a wash of Liche Purple + Smoke + Burnt Cadmium Red + Black (equal parts):


Drybrush the bones with khaki:


Add a small amount of rakarth flesh to the khaki, and continue drybrushing:


Drybrush with pure Rakarth flesh:


The bones were then given a thin glaze of smoke, to smooth out the effect.

The skin was drybrushed with Cadian fleshtone + Rotting flesh (2:1 ratio):


Add more Rotting flesh for the second layer; and finish with pure Rotting flesh. Again, drybrushing:


As you can see, this de-saturated the skin, and left it looking slightly chalky; so to smooth this out and add some colour, I glazed over the entire model with several thin layers of Thraka Green, and used Baal Red around the mouth/eyes:


The intestines weren’t drybrushed – instead, paint a layer of Mephiston red; then a highlight layer by adding some Bugman’s glow to this; and finish by glazing with Baal red.





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  1. This is excellent mate. Really well done.

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