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Redemptionists (7) – Work In Progress

Jerry Cantrell ‘Dickeye’

A fairly cursory work-in-progress update, but I’ve finished the base now:


I couldn’t really face painting another skull and crossbones graphic on the sign, and they tend to be a bit clichéd anyway; so I opted for something different:


I’m going to paint the various miniatures in the same colour-scheme as the original models released alongside the Necromunda game, back in the late ’90s; but with a more contemporary approach. If that makes sense.


Worth a look

Interview with Marcel Ackle, who makes lots of cinematic dioramas (Massive Voodoo)

Black Templars – a useful way of painting black (Stockholm Warpaint)

Painting Meteorites – a useful way of painting, well, meteorites (Rob Hawkins Hobby)

Desert Wanderer – incorporating Islamic geometrical design, as part of the Rainbow Brush contest’s artistic protest against the current political climate in the USA. Oddly enough, I’ve thought about doing something similar, for an Araby model: (Althai Paints)

Imperial High Executioner (Forge Mechanicus)


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