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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Redemptionists (12) – Plague Zombie

Mighty Lemon Drops ‘Happy Head’

This is the final rank and file model for the diorama – I couldn’t resist making another plague zombie. It balances the numbers out, with five Scavvies and Redemptionists apiece; but also, I just like zombies. And slime.




Maybe went a bit over the top with the buboes, but nevermind:


I’m going to paint the Karloth Valois figure next; and will hopefully make a tutorial on colour-fading.

Redemptionists (11) – painting skin & flames

Blind Melon ‘Pull’ 

Painting skin

These were the main colours used:



Basecoat – Bugman’s Glow:


Wash – i) all over with Tank Brown ii) recesses with smoke + black:



Layer – Cadian fleshtone + small amount of Bugman’s glow:


Layer – above mix, plus Rakarth flesh + Ushabti bone (2:1:1):


Highlight – Rakarth flesh + ushabti bone (1:1):


The lips and the areas around the eyes (i.e. where bags would be) need to be painted differently to the rest of the skin.

For the lips:

Basecoat – Bugman’s glow + Burnt Cadmium Red (1:1)

Wash – tank brown

Highlight – basecoat, plus Rakarth flesh + Ushabti bone

For the eyes: glaze around the eye sockets with Regal blue + Bugman’s glow; then a wash of smoke in recesses.

Final highlight for the skin – white, in very select areas:


I then finished the skin by glazing over whole of it with Thraka Green + Smoke



Painting flames

I forgot to take step by step photos of painting the flames; but the method is straightforward. Flames are lighter towards the source of fire. These were the colours used:


Basecoat – red + orange

Wash – i) Smoke ii) red

Layer – i) Orange ii) Orange + Goldbrown (2:1) iii) Orange + Goldbrown (1:2) iv) Goldbrown v) Yriel yellow vi) Yriel yellow + small amount of Ushabti bone (only at source of flame).

Layer the tips of the largest flames with Burnt Cadmium Red, then Black (stippling is helpful).

Glaze the flames – i) several layers thin layers of orange ii) very thin layer of smoke


For the OSL effect, paint thin layers of – i) red + orange ii) Orange iii) Orange + goldbrown






I also finished the redemptionist rat and the servo skull – the photo hasn’t come out quite right; but nevermind:


Redemptionists (10) – painting redemptionists

Afghan Whigs ‘Rebirth of the cool’ 

It seems a bit belated, ten posts in; but how to paint Redemptionists.

The original Redemptionists painted by the ‘Eavy Metal team were released during the notorious ‘red period’ – and so were an ultra-vivid, red and yellow. I decided to mute the colours slightly – to make them look a bit more grimy, as is only fitting for denizens of the Underhive.

It’s not quite step by step, as I ended up changing the overall paint-scheme – but these were the paints used for the red:


I also used black, but forgot to include it here.

For the yellow flame effect:


The yellow was straightforward – basecoat: Earth. Wash with Smoke. Highlight with Earth + Zamesi Desert; then pure Zamesi Desert; and finally edge-highlight with Zamesi Desert + Khaki. I painted some torn patches, as can be seen in the later photos, using black/brown. It was glazed with a very thin layer of Smoke to finish.

Red is a slightly more tricky colour to paint.

Basecoat – Tank Brown + Red (1:1):


Wash all over with smoke; and shade the recesses with black + smoke:


Layer – Red + Tank Brown (2:1)


Layer – Red:


Edge highlight: Red + Troll Slayer Orange (1:1):


Final edge highlight – Troll Slayer Orange + Khaki:


Using orange + khaki this way stops it turning pink.

To finish, I painted rips and tears with black + brown; then gave the red area two separate glazes: first, with thinned Baal Red; second, with a thin layer of Smoke. The first glaze unifies the colours; while the second makes it look a bit less vivid, and more drab.

You can see I changed the hood at this stage – but it was painted using the same colours as the flame effect:


Once the entire model was finished, I gave it a very thin glaze of Thraka Green + Smoke (1:1). I’ll make a tutorial on painting skin with the next Redemptionist, as it was a bit experimental on  this model, and I lost track of the colours used.

As with the Scavvies, I made a base to resemble debris:





I also changed the bridge slightly – normally, I tend to avoid too much blood and gore; but I think it’s fair enough for a diorama which is supposed to be a bit of over the top, high-camp in its own right:


I think it needs something on the slab at the bottom-right of the picture; but I’m not sure what, yet. Maybe a rat.

Also, on the theme of revisions, I decided to modify the Space Hulk diorama I made, slightly – detaching the Librarian, so that it can stand alone:






Redemptionists (9) – Scavvies.

Soundgarden ‘Outshined’ 


Only a cursory post, unfortunately, due to illness; but I’ve finished the Scavvies now, as well as the Scaly. I forgot to upload a picture of the final mock-up, but the actual battle-scene of the diorama will eventually look something like this:


– I think the blood patches need a bit of work, and maybe need to reconsider the yellow/black banding; but this isn’t a problem.

There wasn’t much point making a step-by-step guide to painting the two Scavvy figures, as it’s basically the same method used to paint the plague zombies, only without drybrushing the layers.

I’ve decided to put the models on bases, rather than attach them directly to the bridge, though. I wanted these to look like debris, as part of the overall scene:






There wasn’t space to paint the Scavvy un-smiley face on the shoulder pad; so I painted it on the back instead:



I’m going to begin painting the Redemptionists next; and will make a tutorial, as red is a colour that people often find a bit tricky, so hopefully it will prove helpful.