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Redemptionists (9) – Scavvies.

Soundgarden ‘Outshined’ 


Only a cursory post, unfortunately, due to illness; but I’ve finished the Scavvies now, as well as the Scaly. I forgot to upload a picture of the final mock-up, but the actual battle-scene of the diorama will eventually look something like this:


– I think the blood patches need a bit of work, and maybe need to reconsider the yellow/black banding; but this isn’t a problem.

There wasn’t much point making a step-by-step guide to painting the two Scavvy figures, as it’s basically the same method used to paint the plague zombies, only without drybrushing the layers.

I’ve decided to put the models on bases, rather than attach them directly to the bridge, though. I wanted these to look like debris, as part of the overall scene:






There wasn’t space to paint the Scavvy un-smiley face on the shoulder pad; so I painted it on the back instead:



I’m going to begin painting the Redemptionists next; and will make a tutorial, as red is a colour that people often find a bit tricky, so hopefully it will prove helpful.


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