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Redemptionists (10) – painting redemptionists

Afghan Whigs ‘Rebirth of the cool’ 

It seems a bit belated, ten posts in; but how to paint Redemptionists.

The original Redemptionists painted by the ‘Eavy Metal team were released during the notorious ‘red period’ – and so were an ultra-vivid, red and yellow. I decided to mute the colours slightly – to make them look a bit more grimy, as is only fitting for denizens of the Underhive.

It’s not quite step by step, as I ended up changing the overall paint-scheme – but these were the paints used for the red:


I also used black, but forgot to include it here.

For the yellow flame effect:


The yellow was straightforward – basecoat: Earth. Wash with Smoke. Highlight with Earth + Zamesi Desert; then pure Zamesi Desert; and finally edge-highlight with Zamesi Desert + Khaki. I painted some torn patches, as can be seen in the later photos, using black/brown. It was glazed with a very thin layer of Smoke to finish.

Red is a slightly more tricky colour to paint.

Basecoat – Tank Brown + Red (1:1):


Wash all over with smoke; and shade the recesses with black + smoke:


Layer – Red + Tank Brown (2:1)


Layer – Red:


Edge highlight: Red + Troll Slayer Orange (1:1):


Final edge highlight – Troll Slayer Orange + Khaki:


Using orange + khaki this way stops it turning pink.

To finish, I painted rips and tears with black + brown; then gave the red area two separate glazes: first, with thinned Baal Red; second, with a thin layer of Smoke. The first glaze unifies the colours; while the second makes it look a bit less vivid, and more drab.

You can see I changed the hood at this stage – but it was painted using the same colours as the flame effect:


Once the entire model was finished, I gave it a very thin glaze of Thraka Green + Smoke (1:1). I’ll make a tutorial on painting skin with the next Redemptionist, as it was a bit experimental on  this model, and I lost track of the colours used.

As with the Scavvies, I made a base to resemble debris:





I also changed the bridge slightly – normally, I tend to avoid too much blood and gore; but I think it’s fair enough for a diorama which is supposed to be a bit of over the top, high-camp in its own right:


I think it needs something on the slab at the bottom-right of the picture; but I’m not sure what, yet. Maybe a rat.

Also, on the theme of revisions, I decided to modify the Space Hulk diorama I made, slightly – detaching the Librarian, so that it can stand alone:







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