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Redemptionists (11) – painting skin & flames

Blind Melon ‘Pull’ 

Painting skin

These were the main colours used:



Basecoat – Bugman’s Glow:


Wash – i) all over with Tank Brown ii) recesses with smoke + black:



Layer – Cadian fleshtone + small amount of Bugman’s glow:


Layer – above mix, plus Rakarth flesh + Ushabti bone (2:1:1):


Highlight – Rakarth flesh + ushabti bone (1:1):


The lips and the areas around the eyes (i.e. where bags would be) need to be painted differently to the rest of the skin.

For the lips:

Basecoat – Bugman’s glow + Burnt Cadmium Red (1:1)

Wash – tank brown

Highlight – basecoat, plus Rakarth flesh + Ushabti bone

For the eyes: glaze around the eye sockets with Regal blue + Bugman’s glow; then a wash of smoke in recesses.

Final highlight for the skin – white, in very select areas:


I then finished the skin by glazing over whole of it with Thraka Green + Smoke



Painting flames

I forgot to take step by step photos of painting the flames; but the method is straightforward. Flames are lighter towards the source of fire. These were the colours used:


Basecoat – red + orange

Wash – i) Smoke ii) red

Layer – i) Orange ii) Orange + Goldbrown (2:1) iii) Orange + Goldbrown (1:2) iv) Goldbrown v) Yriel yellow vi) Yriel yellow + small amount of Ushabti bone (only at source of flame).

Layer the tips of the largest flames with Burnt Cadmium Red, then Black (stippling is helpful).

Glaze the flames – i) several layers thin layers of orange ii) very thin layer of smoke


For the OSL effect, paint thin layers of – i) red + orange ii) Orange iii) Orange + goldbrown






I also finished the redemptionist rat and the servo skull – the photo hasn’t come out quite right; but nevermind:



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