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Redemptionists (13) – Karloth Valois/Painting Colour-Fades

Main Source ‘looking at the front door’


I’ve finished the model of Karloth Valois, and thought it might be helpful to demonstrate how to apply a colour-fade technique: that is, blending one colour into another. You can create striking effects through mixing contrasting colours; but here I wanted to create an eerie scheme, of black fading into turquoise.

These were the colours used (the one without a label is khaki):


Colour-fading relies on glazing. If you’re not sure what this is, I made a previous tutorial – it consists of applying very thin, transparent layers of paint. The aim is not so much to add a colour, but to alter an underlying one, and smooth-out different layers.

Basecoat – black:


Layer – black + a small amount of turquoise:


Layer – add more turquoise to the previous mix:


Don’t worry if the layers look patchy at this stage, as glazing will smooth them out later on:


You can see that it wasn’t quite pure turquoise at this stage – you can take it all the way up to that, of course; but I wanted to keep the overall tone quite dark:


So, using the same black and turquoise mixture, add a small amount of khaki; and highlight edges/raised areas:


The final highlight is pure khaki, used quite sparingly – I also painted on tears/holes:


As you can see, at this stage, the highlights are quite stark, and look a bit incongruous:


So, glazing will draw the various colours together, and harmonise them. As with any other painting, several thin layers are better than one heavy application. It’s important to let each layer dry before adding subsequent ones (this can be quite tedious, but it avoids one glaze washing away another).

I used three glazes: i) black ii) Thraka green iii) smoke brown:


Although the colours haven’t come out quite right in the photograph, you should be able to see the difference that glazing makes:









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