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Hooverphonic ‘Magenta’

I’ve pretty much finished the Arabian rider:




I wanted the character to have a subtle Tzeentchian aspect – so painted the jewel to resemble an eye:



I’m not entirely happy with the interior cloak, though – I tried various freehand designs, but they all looked crumby. For example:


So, I ended up just painting tears in the fabric:


It still looks a bit bare, but I can’t think of any decent design which would work. I will finish the display base now, though; and see if anything occurs in the meantime.


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  1. He looks cool man. Nice work on the cloak and the face is nice too.

    • richardhutton

      Thanks – it’s sorted now. Instead of painting a design on the interior cloak, I painted one on the horse’s thigh. Just the base to finish.

  2. Very nice, did you stipple it?

    • richardhutton

      I did for the turquoise areas – from blue, through turquoise, to a bleached bone colour; then glazed over it with thin blue and green washes.


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