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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Painting a death guard army (6) – Plague marines

False Front ‘Maniac I’

I painted the Plague Marines using the same method as the Poxwalkers – i.e. basecoating the models, then shading them down with washes. I kept the highlighting minimal, as well – concentrating on the faces, but otherwise just edge-highlighting as and where it seemed necessary.


So, basecoat the power armour with Death Guard Green, or any similar colour (I used a Humbrol spraypaint, then painted over any missed areas with Death Guard Green):

I used orange-brown for the cloak; but the other details are painted in obvious colours:

Wash over the entire models with several coats of Agrellan Earth. I thinned it slightly with water, but this isn’t vital – it’s best to avoid letting it pool in the recesses, though; otherwise it can look a bit blotchy:

For the champion, I used the same colour-scheme:

The fly’s wings were painted with Celestra grey:

The only difference between this and the rank and file Plague Marines was the higher number of pink, fleshy areas – which were washed with Reikland Fleshshade:

Rather than go through the fairly laborious stage of layering-on highlights, I just added detail to the cloak by painting on scratches:


If I get time, I may return to the champion, and add more detail to the hood – as it looks a bit plain; but we’ll see.




Painting a Death Guard Army (5) – a quick method for painting bases

Mint 400 ‘Raise Me’

I’ve finished the Poxwalkers:



So, this is just a brief post on how to paint the bases.

Paints needed (I initially used Stormvermin fur to paint the rocks, but it didn’t look right; so just used a mid-tone grey):

First, coat the base in PVA glue, then cover it in sand:

When that has dried, wash over the sand with thinned-down PVA:

Then paint the sand with Stirland Battlemire, and the rim of the base with any similar colour:

Drybrush it with Zamesi desert yellow (this stage is optional):

Drybrush – Nurgling Green:

Paint the small stones grey:

Wash with Athonian camoshade:

I experimented with Nurgle’s rot, but didn’t really like the effect:

I’m convinced there will be a good use for this; but haven’t figured it out yet.

Finish by adding static grass: